Week In Review – 7/24/15

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Kassiah: It’s with heavy hearts that we are posting today. When I started to write this post about the awesome books I’ve been reading or how excited I am to go see Paper Towns tonight, I just…couldn’t do it. I know there have been many massacres and devastating events over the last few years and I certainly don’t want to diminish them. I think it’s sad that it takes something hitting too close to home to make it feel that much more real. Lafayette is where I consider home, where my children were born and raised, the culture and atmosphere that I most identify with. I am saddened greatly by what happened yesterday and will continue to keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers. I just don’t understand it. This wasn’t for political or social gain. He just went in and shot off at least thirty bullets.

I just don’t get it. #PrayforLafayette

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