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Today Emily Ryan-Davis stopped by with a recipe for Rum Raisin Scones!

**Q&A with Emily Ryan-Davis**

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Well, I love Christmas Day! But holiday shopping is my favorite part of the season. In the good old days before kids, my husband and I had “shopping dates” and we would spend entire weekends prowling through different malls searching for the perfect gifts for our families. We haven’t been able to share that experience in recent years (holiday shopping while 9 months pregnant not advisable, and then holiday shopping with a 1-year-old not advisable! This year, holiday shopping with a 2-year-old…thank goodness for Amazon Prime), but we have clung to our ornament-buying tradition. I’m already looking forward to heading out with my small family to choose special 2013 ornaments for the Christmas tree.

What is your most unusual holiday memory?

My most unusual holiday memory is actually a tragic memory. Christmas Eve several years ago, I was on my way to Christmas Mass with my boyfriend and his family. An ambulance tore past and I remarked, “It sure would suck to be in the emergency room tonight”. About six hours later, I was checking myself into the emergency room. I’ll spare you the details, because holiday stories are supposed to be cheerful and festive, but I will never forget that pre-Mass ambulance and my off-hand remark. I think sometimes the subconscious just…knows, you know?

What was your favorite moment under the mistletoe?

The only mistletoe in my house is this little lady! She’s a pretty aggressive kisser. I don’t recommend her smooching skills.

Emily Ryan Davis Mistletoe

What’s your favorite Christmas carol or holiday movie?

I’m showing my geekdom here, but my favorite holiday movie is Hogfather, based off Terry Pratchett’s novel, Hogfather. Strange, disturbingly funny, disturbingly insightful of the human condition. Hogfather is a must-read and a must-view for my holiday season. I personally believe it should be on everybody’s list.

What’s the sexiest gift you ever got/gave?

My bright red Kitchenaid Stand Mixer is seriously freaking hot. And the way that thing vibrates…well. Ahem.

This or That?

Peppermint Mocha or Pumpkin Spiced Latte?

Pumpkin Spiced Latte (with only half the pumps of syrup) all the way. I don’t care for flavors or sweeteners in my hot coffee. I actually do most of my seasonal-latte-drinking in September and early October when it’s still warm enough to get them iced.

Egg Nog or Apple Cider?

I have to choose?! I love both but limit my egg nog consumption to the last two weeks of December. Usually by the time Christmas is over, I’m nutmegged out. Last year I used the leftover egg nog to make scones. They were delicious.

Themed Christmas Tree or HodgePodge?

Our tree is a hodge podge. My husband has an enormous collection of classic car ornaments, which were gifts from one of his grandmothers. I have a much smaller collection of Hello Kitty ornaments. Everything else is stuff that catches our eye. We really enjoy our annual ornament purchase. My son will be 2 years old in December, so I imagine our tree is going to become a lot more crazy with a little boy’s ornament contributions.

Old School Bulbs or Icicle Lights?

Old school bulbs, please! But not the blinking variety. We also adore multi-colored lights instead of single-color bulbs.

During this Holiday Season, is it better to Give or Receive?

I enjoy giving. The receiving is nice, too, but the giving portion has my heart!

**About Emily Ryan-Davis**

Author Emily Ryan-Davis

Emily Ryan-Davis is a lifelong East Coaster whose passion for the written word saw her through jobs writing obituaries, press releases and grants before she decided “I’m going to do this” and sat down to write a book. She made that decision in 2005 and has since published several short stories and novellas with digital publishers including Ellora’s Cave. On May 24, 2012, Emily left supervisors and payrolls behind in order to focus her efforts on writing and raising her son.

Emily has been a member of the Writer’s Digest-recognized writing community Romance Divas, where she volunteers as a moderator and organizes the annual “Not Going to Conference” Virtual Conference, since 2006.

Find Emily Here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

We can’t wait to try out Emily’s delicious recipe for:

**Rum Raisin Scones**

Message from Emily:

My toddler really likes these…and he sleeps better after having one, too. (What? Don’t look at me like that.)

Desserts Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 15 minutes per dozen Serves: approximately three dozen scones, give or take depending on size

  • 4 c flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 c sugar
  • 2 c raisins rehydrated with rum
  • 1 stick butter
  • 2 cups sour cream
  • 2 large eggs

Step 1: Dump 2 cups of raisins into a bowl or big mug and cover the raisins with a good rum. If you have time, let the raisins soak for about 24 hours. If you don’t have time, boil the raisins in water for a minute or two, drain, and soak in rum for a few hours. But the more soaking time you can allow for, the juicier (and rummier) your raisins will be.

Step 2: Mix up a batch of Pioneer Woman’s Hard Sauce (preferably right before you start mixing your scones, or during baking time)

Step 3: Mix the scones!

  • Combine the first five ingredients in a large mixing bowl or in the mixing bowl of your stand mixer.
  • Melt the stick of butter and cut the butter into the dry ingredients (you can do this with your mixer, a fork, a wooden spoon, etc.)
  • Pour as much liquid as you can off the raisins you’ve been soaking. Add raisins to the dry ingredients and stir them into the mix.
  • In a different bowl, beat the eggs and sour cream together. Add to the mixing bowl of dry ingredients and mix until the dough is soft and sticky.

Step 4: Bake the scones!

  • These are drop biscuit-style scones. I use an ice cream scoop but you could just use a spoon. Whatever tool you use, drop spoon/scoopfuls of dough onto a cookie sheet that is either greased or lined with wax paper.
  • Bake in a 375 degree oven for about 15 minutes, or until the tops are golden and firm (but yielding) when you press them with the back of a spoon.

Step 5: Frost! Drop a dollop of hard sauce on top of each scone while it’s still steaming-hot. You can leave the scones on the cookie sheat if you’d like, or transfer to a plate, but don’t delay in getting the sauce on top.

Step 6: Eat!

Want more Desserts? Get recipes for Desserts and lots of other delectable holiday dishes from your favorite authors all month long right here on Steamy Guys After Dark!

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**About Ménage on 34th Street**

Ménage on 34th Street by Elise Logan and Emily Ryan-Davis
Published by Carina Press on November 21, 2013
Pages: 122

See What Your Friends are saying about Ménage on 34th Street by Emily Ryan-Davis on GoodreadsBuy Ménage on 34th Street by Emily Ryan-Davis on AmazonBuy Ménage on 34th Street by Emily Ryan-Davis at Barnes & NobleBuy Ménage on 34th Street by Emily Ryan-Davis at The Book Depository

Katrina and Liam Holland have the perfect marriage, a home in the trendiest part of Baltimore, and a scorching sex life. As another Christmas approaches, there’s only one thing still on Kat’s wish list: Hunter Croft. But she made peace long ago with his decision to choose the marines over their relationship. Until seeing him again arouses feelings she thought were in the past….

Hunter has spent a decade outrunning his attraction to both Kat and Liam. But now that he’s stateside, his self-control crumbles when he comes face-to-face with the two people who star in all his favorite fantasies. Their reunion is both erotic and emotional—and has Hunter wondering if three’s really a crowd, after all.

Liam can’t imagine his life without Kat. But he can imagine a future where the three of them live and love under one roof. Liam and Kat have shared their bed with other men, but Hunter is the only one who could ever have a place in their hearts. And this holiday season, Liam intends to make their dream a reality

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Happy Holidays!
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  1. I enjoy giving. The receiving is nice, too, but the giving portion has my heart!m showing my geekdom here, but my favorite holiday movie is Hogfather, based off Terry Pratchett’s novel, Hogfather. Strange, disturbingly funny, disturbingly insightful of the human condition. Hogfather is a must-read and a must-view for my holiday season.

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