Week in Review – 11/22/13

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Welcome to our Week in Review. Each week, we’ll let you know what we’ve been reading lately, whether it’s super steamy Romance, our latest Young Adult obsession, or anything in between. We’ll tell you what we love and what falls short for us, too. Here’s what we’ve been reading this week:

Kassiah: I’m back to being a reading machine, since I have so much to catch up on! I’ve been reading the Dining Club series by Marina Anderson, which I’ve posted the reviews for Bound, Crave, and Seduce this week. I definitely, absolutely without a doubt do not recommend that you waste even a second of your time on these. The covers are pretty, though, so there’s that.

We posted our review for Risky earlier this week, too. Ya’ll might remember that we talked about Raw, which is the first book in the series. It’s the one that has the Choose Your Own Adventure-esque feel. We met guy one in Raw, then guy two in Risky, and fans get to choose who she ends up with in the conclusion. The idea for this is fantastic, though I definitely think Jo Davis showed a clear preference on who she thinks the girl should end up with.

I also read A Missing Peace by Beth Fred, which we will be posting the review for on Swoony Boys Podcast. It was different from anything I’ve ever read, and I liked it.

Sandi: Still with historicals, but this one I just finished? STEAMY, let me tell you. An erotic short historical, I’m still wondering who seduced whom in Lady Sophie’s Midnight Seduction by Dorothy McFalls. The beginning had me scratching my head and wondering at the author, but then it got all better. Until the end, when I was wiggling my eyebrows, asking who was the actual seducer in this story. I recommend it for a really quick (we’re talking minutes) read!

I just started Through the Fire by Beth Trissel. This is an historical romance set during the French and Indian war, featuring a half-Shawnee hero named Shoka and Rebecca, the Englishwoman who crossed his path and whom he intends to get rid of before she conquers him. I look forward to seeing how this plays out!

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xo-The Steam Team

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