Weekly Wrap-Up – 7/17/15

What We've Been Reading and Loving This Week on Pretty Sassy Cool

Welcome to a new Week in Review. Each week, we’ll let you know what we’ve been reading and checking out, whether it’s books, movies, shows, or anything else 🙂

Kassiah: Looks like I’m the only one chiming in this time I’ve been on a reading binge over the last several weeks due to the fact that my aunt was in the hospital, and I had lots of time to read! I also finally caught up my goodreads so I can at least figure out what I’ve already read.

Lately, I read all of the books in Sawyer Bennett’s Cold Fury Hockey series and can I just say HOT?!? I really enjoyed all of them and think they’re something all of you would like. Yes, even you, Erin. I also got the chance to check out all of the upcoming Fall 2015 picture books from Simon & Schuster and ladies who have kids, you’re in for a treat. Some of them are so cute. My favorite is We Forgot Brock!, and it’s adorable.

I can’t remember if I’ve already talked about this book (probably not here), but I recently read Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino and I LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I love pretty much everything she’s written, but I just can’t explain the amazingness of this book. *sigh* Next up for me is Racing the Sun by Karina Halle. I loved Where Sea Meets Sky (and The Pact and The Offer), so I can’t wait to read this one.

In beauty news, I was finally able to order Jaclyn Hill’s collab highlighter with Becca: Champagne Pop, which I totally love.#HighlightonFleek


What We Talked About This Week…


We posted a new Podcast Episode over on Swoony Boys Podcast, and this one’s all about our trip to #BEA15!

BEA was totally awesome


Here’s a handy list of all the books we’ve mentioned, along with the Reviews we’ve posted, both here and on Swoony Boys Podcast.

Anya and the Shy Guy Falling Under by Lauren Dane GAIA by Karen Ann Hopkins The Hierarchy of Needs by Rebecca Grace Allen In the Fast Lane by Audra North Underneath Everything by Marcy Beller Paul


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