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Welcome to a new Week in Review. Each week, we’ll let you know what we’ve been reading and checking out, whether it’s books, movies, shows, or anything else 🙂

Hameedah: Hi Hameedah here, just joined today and i’m excited for everything to come.

Kassiah: Welcome, Hameedah! We’re excited for you to join us 🙂

Not a lot going on since last week (though we’ve posted a ton). I have the winter-be-over-already-blahs. I just don’t want to do anything except lay on my couch and watch khal Drogo. Ever feel like that?

Hameedah: Oh yes I need winter over like yesterday and there is nothing better than watching Khal Drogo. Starting my first review right now 🙂

Char: Hi everyone! I’m just getting started so please, be patient with me. 😉 I think Kassiah’s going to have to hold my hand the whole way until I learn the ropes.

Hameedah: Welcome Char!, we both can learn the ropes together.

Kassiah: I never mind holding ya’ll’s hands.

I just finished the fourth season of Game of Thrones and all I can say is wow. I am really really surprised how things turned out, particularly with Daenerys. We’re rewatching season one because khal Drogohubs fell asleep during most of the episodes (or I wouldn’t wait for him to come home to keep watching). Be sure to let us know what you think in our Countdown to Game of Thrones Season Five, Pretties!

There’s a new show that premiered on E! last weekend: The Royals. It’s based on Michelle Ray’s book, Falling for Hamlet, and stars Elizabeth Hurley. I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I’m thinking about watching that. Of course, I might watch Outlander instead. Or nothing. LOL I don’t have time to watch TV. Anyway, here’s the trailer. Do you think I should watch this show?

Hameedah: ohh Outlander is awesome a must watch, I saw The Royals and it looks like sometime I might watch. Yasss S4 was everything. I need my own moon and stars and I just love khaleesi. I watched half of GOT Seasons then read all the books and was mad because they’re still WIP lol. I’m trying to stay away from WIPs in books or shows I have so many.

I’m reading The Orphan Queen right now, so far I’m liking it. I almost had a moment where my brain said “flounce!” but I stuck with it.

Kassiah: Awww I’m sad that you don’t love The Orphan Queen, Hameedah. I love Jodi Meadows, but I haven’t read that book yet! Also, I know exactly what you mean about the books. I read (most-of) the first one, Game of Thrones, but I’m not reading the others until the series is complete. So, never.

Hameedah: How was your week? I started a new show *not new but first time watching it* Mike and Molly and it had me dying laughing. I am having so much fun with this contest, it’s my happy place. So far I have written four reviews, i’m almost done reading Sea of Stars. So that’s it for me, what about you guys?

Sandi: Heillir! Yes, I’m still speaking in Norse as it’s VIKINGS tonight and I find Norse far easier to learn than other languages. No, really! We’re about mid-season as this gets posted, so there are five more weeks of the brave, bold, and cunning found in the early 9th Century. You can probably find seasons one and two somewhere, or you can of course get them on DVD. If you do so, try to find the Canadian/European uncut versions. I’m telling you, History Channel does some interesting editing for the American audience. But thank goodness for Tumblr, where I can find some of the delicious missing moments.

Betsy: Hello to the newbs! I don’t watch a whole lot of TV though I am following a few things. The Walking Dead which is kind of surreal at the moment, with Grizzly Rick all shaved and soccer Mom Carol. At the rate they’re going through characters they may need a whole new cast. Daryl’s still Daryl, thank God. I love to mock Reign. So horribly inaccurate in terms of history, it lends itself to major mocking (not to mention the silly costumes). Meh. I’m looking forward to the return of TURN on AMC and of course, Hot-oops-Outlander. I love some of the shows on SyFy as well: Helix and 12 Monkeys are kind of fun to watch.

Reading-wise I’ve finished the third book in Richelle Mead’s Bloodline Series, The Indigo Spell. Still enjoying it, though admit I had trouble connecting with the protagonist. She’s getting better, moving past some those rigid beliefs that get repeated eleventy billion times. Currently, reading the 4th book in Sara Donati’s (Wilderness Series) Fire Along the Sky. This one is set during the War of 1812 and continues the family saga of characters who first saw the light of day in James Fenimore Cooper’s The Last of the Mohicans. I have really enjoyed this series. The writing is excellent, with great characters, action, and settings.

Hameedah, I should get to doing some reviews. I have 4 to do. Procrastination is, however, my best skill. LOL

I have tried one new beauty product recently. Garnier’s 1st BB Eye Protector. I really like it and as a concealer, it works beautifully.

Hameedah: Betsy, yes I am the number one procrastinator. when I first read the Bloodline series I hated hated the main girl, so annoying but I stuck with the series because I loved adrian but I think it was the third book it was meh to me but I really want to read the last book.
I used to be in love with Reign despite the inaccuracies but my god it’s going downhill, matter of fact most of the shows I like are making me unhappy lol Like Scandal/Reign/Brooklyn 99/Revenge I can’t wait till GOT and Outlander comes back.

Sandi, Heillir!, Vikings is on my to watch list and now you’re making me want to watch it even more

Sherry: ::waves:: to the newbs – Welcome!!!!! In response to what ya’ll have already talked about, I cannot wait for the new season of Game of Thrones, but I swear my memory really can’t remember where it left off, but that will take just one epi and I’ll remember – hopefully. I also can’t wait for the return of Outlander – Kass you NEED to watch that show – Guarantee you will love it – catch up on last season then we can major swoon together. I too watch Reign and I don’t mind that it’s not accurate, I Wiki’d that after a few epis and was like, “this doesn’t seem to follow history,” then I was over it. Now I just think of it as a fictional show. I love shows from that period. Can you say The Tudors, damn I REALLYYYYYYY loved that show. Reign isn’t near as good because it’s audience is focused toward a younger crowd being that it’s on the CW, but I still get a kick out of it. I’m not loving this storyline with Mary & Conde’, I mean really, she can’t sleep with her husband because she was raped but sleeping with Conde’ is ok. Like Francis made her skin crawl but Conde’ is ok to roll in the hay with. Hmmm? Don’t like that. I feel as if eventually she will want Francis back and he’ll have moved on to ….. Lola ….. whoops you snooze you lose, Mary. Anyway that’s how I feel about Reign at the moment. Does anyone like Kenna and Bash? I actually like them and wish they’d end up the happy couple who stays together in love even though they were forced into marriage.

Scandal – I can’t say that I’ve loved this season with the kidnapping, I sort of think it ended up anti-climactic, but I will always love Scandal & Olivia. I really enjoyed the shooting episode from a few weeks ago, I thought they handled that one well. I also LOVE that they are setting up Mellie to run for Pres, boy do I think that will be interesting and they have to do something because well Fitz can’t be President forever. But, the epi where they got that “unvotable” Senator to be the Vice President was genius. Loved it. I know these shows can’t keep the couples we want together – together all the time or there is no show, but I just want Olivia with Fitz already. Anyway, still love the show even though this season isn’t exactly the best one. Tonights epi – Whoah I new Huck was going off the deep end and wasn’t surprised when he did what he did at the end. I was like, “Nooooooooooooooo don’t give him the knife.” LOL But, shoot I just can’t not love Huck. I thought Lena Dunham was great.

Speaking of Lena Dunham, I watch Girls and I haven’t loved this season either, but I still love the show. It’s sooooooo different but realistic in an “I bet that’s what it’s really like to live in New York and be a young girl” kind of way. Or at least that’s how I envision it.

I also watch Shameless and that show just cracks me up and I really love it. The family is so messed up, I just always can’t wait for what craziness is going to happen to them next.

New season of DWTS and wow Rumer Willis was really good and I’m not gonna lie, I’d love for Val to win. Who’da thunk it. I say she’ll be in the finals along with the vet with one leg and one arm, although I do think it will be immensely challenging for him. It’s probably hard enough to balance with just the one leg, but I bet it makes it even harder without the arm. Just thinking about how well Amy Purdee did, but it seems like that arm is going to make it harder for him. It will be inspiring to watch him though. The Bachelor did much better than I thought he would. For someone who was so reserved on the show, I thought, he really hammed it up on the DWTS stage.

Ok, yes I know, I watch way too much TV because I haven’t even mentioned The Walking Dead and that is my FAVORITE show hands down. Scarol is cracking me up but I’m also scared of her, like when she threatened that boy, I really believed her. I’m happy that Rick shaved that beard was becoming it’s own character, well if you watch Talking Dead then you know that Norman Reedus actually has the beard in a baggie. Sorta weird, but I don’t care Norman can’t do anything wrong in my eyes. I’m soooooooo happy Daryl is still Daryl, cause I love me some Daryl. I may have a big poster of him above my desk as I type right now. We watch the show every week with my cousin and his wife and she and I drool over Daryl every episode. The hubs are rather nice to let us do that. LOL. I actually even read The Walking Dead comics and are a little past where the show is, so I sort of know what might happen, but the comic book is definitely different from the TV show. I’ve never read a comic book in my life and now I’ve read 96.

Ok, I know I need to shut up, last show I will talk about. The Vampire Diaries. I have to say, it’s gotten a little boring to me lately, but this new storyline of Caroline and Stefan turning off their humanity – loving it!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see the mayhem they cause. And whoah about Stefan and Damon’s mother being a ripper. Now I can’t wait to watch TVD every week, like I used to be.

So, other than watching TV and working, the only new thing with me is rearranging my house to clear out our two extra bedrooms so that my hubs and I can start fostering children. We’re done with our first session of classes and only have four more to take and then we’ll be licensed. So fingers crossed that we do good at this.

Kassiah: Sherry, I discuss GoT with you whenever you want me to catch you up. hahaha Also, kudos for working on your house. Mine is still a WIP and I am getting back to scraping the ceilings this weekend.


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