Week in Review – 3/14/14

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Welcome to a new Week in Review, where we let you know what we’ve been reading lately, whether it’s super steamy Romance, our latest Young Adult obsession, or anything in between. We’ll tell you what we love and what falls short for us, too. Without further adieu, here’s what we’ve been reading this week:

Kassiah: I forgot to post our Week in Review last week, so I thought that I would mention a few books that I’ve read over the past couple of weeks, even though we’ve reviewed some of them recently 🙂

One in particular stands out to me: Unraveled by Jen Frederick. I haven’t read her other books yet, but Holy Dirty Talking Marine, Batman, this boy is HOTTTTT I loved it and will be reading her other works asap.

I’m currently reading Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy. I was desperate to read this a few months ago and I’m loving it so far. Harvey is so sweet.

Sandi: I read Spirited, by Mary Behre (review to follow – honest, I’m working on it on my desktop!). This was a murder mystery surrounding a steamy romance and laced with the paranormal. Very interesting once it got going! I’ve also been re-reading some former favorites of mine in the Regency Romance department. Those Goodreads lists are grand for reminding me which books I like. 😉

Most recently, I re-read The Desperate Viscount by Gayle Buck, which is a book I quite enjoy. I am also still (trying) to make progress through Song for Sophia by Moriah Densley. I am not sure why it’s not pulling me in more quickly; likely my own innate prejudice against Victorian romances. I should work on that.

Kassiah: That’s great about Spirited, Sandi, because I’m pretty sure we’ve got a copy to give away when we post your review! Speaking of giveaways, we have finally sorted through all the entries for our huge Christmas giveaway and will hopefully be announcing winners next week! We want to be sure to contact everyone first to verify addresses and such but we’ll post here as soon as we’ve got the final list. Sorry it took so long ♥

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xo-The Steam Team

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