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Welcome to a new Week in Review. Here’s what we’ve been reading lately, whether it’s super steamy Romance, our latest Young Adult obsession, or anything in between. We’ll tell you what we love and what falls short for us, too. Without further adieu, here’s what we’ve been reading this week:

Sandi: Okay, so he might not qualify as a “Steamy Guy” but I got to know Gordon Krantz this week. He’s The Postman in David Brin’s novel of this name. (Kevin Costner played him in the movie, I think.) Please don’t base your ideas about this book on the movie. Gordon is a man who was just trying to stay alive by his wits who happened to find a USPS uniform…and things kind of snowballed from there. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is into the whole “End of the World As We Know It” genre, or the “Recovering Society” plot should enjoy this book. There is adventure! Fighting! Feminism! And something that might look like a quasi-romance if you squint…

I am also reading an historical romance entitled Walking On Air by Catherine Anderson. This is, so far, a curious hybrid of what might be inspirational fiction dovetailed into the historical romance, along with some supernatural elements. It is a Western, though, and Our Hero is a certified gunslinger, so that’s sexy. I also recently acquired the recently-reviewed novella, The Story Guy. Haven’t started it yet, but Betsy’s review made me swoon.

Betsy: Hi Sandi and OMG loved that little book. I really didn’t know what to think when I picked it up. I still think about it. I’ve read two others by her that were also excellent. Snowfall which is in the Heating Up the Holidays anthology and Live (The Burnside Series), which is her first full length novel. I like her writing and the characters and she really knows how to create a steamy guy.

And *snort* a quasi romance if you squint. LOL. I am currently reading Seven Day Fiancé by Rachel Harris. It’s set in Kassiahland, oops that would be Cajun country near New Orleans. So far enjoying it. The setting, the dialect, the French names and oh yeah the steamy guy, hot bartender with a degree, Cane. I will say one thing though. Never ever use the word totes in adult dialogue. No, just no. LOL. Can’t help it.

I am still trying to make myself finish Red Rising. It stares at me from my kindle, saying finish me, you know you want to. I.just.can.not. Leaving it alone for awhile. So I went to read something else. With all the eleventy billion books I haven’t read, what do I do? Re-read of course. I am re-reading Outlander (stop laughing, I know I’m obsessed) by Diana Gabaldon, but there is a purpose. The Atlantic’s twitter book club #1b140 is featuring it as the book of the month. So perfect excuse to say hey to Jamie. And lest you think I’m crazy there was this

Outlander Betsy Love

I really don’t think I need to add anything. LOL.

Also re-read the entire Elemental Mysteries series by Elizabeth Hunter. Adult paranormal romance with a sizzling hot 500 year old Italian vampire and a pretty gutsy librarian. Decided to do this particular flashback because I picked up the first book in her new series The Scribe (Irin Chronicles) and loved it. Angel mythos in this one. Okay, that’s me. What’s everybody else reading?

Kassiah: Ya’ll know I love everything by Mary Ann Rivers and Betsy is totally right–she sure can write a swoony guy! I also really love Seven Day Fiancé a lot (and I’m cool with the use of totes, since I use it LOL).

I’ve been reading quite a few adult and new adult titles, including Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine, which we are going to do a tour post for soon, and Breathe Into Me by Sarah Fawkes. I am currently reading Off the Record, which has been one of my most anticipated reads but I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. 😛

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xo-The Steam Team

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