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Welcome to another Week in Review. Each week, we’ll let you know what we’ve been reading lately, whether it’s super steamy Romance, our latest Young Adult obsession, or anything in between. Without further adieu, here’s what we’ve been reading this week:

Sandi: I am still reading Dragonfly in Amber and I will confess to all y’all that I am not enthralled with it, which is undoubtedly why it’s taking so long. That, and it’s only on my Kindle App on my iPhone, so I don’t snuggle up with it too often. I will keep updating, though… I did find a novella charming of late, however. A Kiss for Midwinter by Courtney Milan charmed my socks off—no mean feat, this time of year, let me tell you. I adored her Victorian doctor on his honesty crusade and swooned when he explained his passion for his chosen path in life. I now want to read all the books in Milan’s Brothers Sinister series.

Betsy: Oh Sandi, I’m sorry you’re having trouble with Dragonfly in Amber. It is a difficult read, but it picks up towards the middle and well, let’s just say there is a lot of action during the last third of this book. For me, it was a painful, beautiful read, but there is some heavy duty angst coming. So much so, that I had two thoughts, one was I didn’t think I could ever read it again because there weren’t enough tissues in the world and the second was that had I been reading in real publishing time, I would have been sitting on Diana Gabaldon’s front yard with a sign that says “Will Work for Words!!!” I have been having loads of fun tracking the series production and the hot Scot, Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser. Holy Hotness, can he rock a kilt.

Also, I need to read some of Courtney Milan’s stuff. I’ve heard good things about it and now, with your seal of approval, I have further incentive.

So last week I was talking about Jude Deveraux’s Knight in Shining Armor that appeared on several people’s top ten romance lists and I have to say, I don’t get it. The Knight is swoony and funny and all the good things, but the heroine just didn’t do it for me. So sad to say, it didn’t work for me. Boo.

I picked up Red Rising again and am soldiering on. I was trying to figure why it just wasn’t resonating. I think there may be a bit too much world info dump in the beginning that’s distracting and you’re plopped right into the action at the start before you’re able to get your head around the mythos the writer is creating and before you engage with the characters. This was a double-edged sword for me. Something rather shocking happens which in normal circumstances would cause a sobfest, but in this case I was like that’s bad without the emotion that this event would have caused with a little more time. So thanks to the writer for saving my tear ducts. Anyways, will let you know if I survive this read. 0-0

I read a really creepy horror thriller book called The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. These are not cute sparkly vampires. Gross and disgusting scary things. It’s being turned into a series (isn’t everything?) and I wanted to catch up and see what it was about. Del Toro is sort of known as a Master of Horror and he does not disappoint with this. If you enjoy horror, this is for you.

Some of you know I enjoy cooking and have a thing for books with hot chefs, so the most recent book I read will come as no surprise. All Fired Up by Kate Meader. I really, really enjoyed this one. Great characters starring a hotter than Hades Irish pastry chef. Kill me now. Hot, knows his way around desserts and has an accent. *thud*

Kassiah: I loved All Fired Up, too, Betsy! Once again, I’ve been reading lots of things but haven’t marked them on goodreads yet. LOL Next week, I’ll tell you about all the things, but this week, I read Be Mine Forever by Marina Adair and loved it!

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xo-The Steam Team

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  1. Good evening, Steamy Ladies…

    Any idea when you’ll be announcing all of those lovely Christmas giveaways you had?
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    • We are working on getting all the winners together. Sorry for the delay–we didn’t take into account how much work it would be to verify all the things! Hopefully we’ll be announcing this weekend!

  2. Hi ladies – thanks so much for your kind words about ALL FIRED UP. So glad you enjoyed Shane and Cara’s story 🙂
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