{TV Talk} Sandi talks Vikings

Vikings on the History Channel
They can be pretty (have you seen Ragnar’s eyes?)
They can be sassy (Lagertha is the best ever!)
They are totally cool (tattoos, amazing hair, fantastic clothes)

They’re VIKINGS and they’re on History Channel at 10p Eastern on Thorsday – er, Thursday – nights!

Our own PSC Chick Sandi watches every week during the season and live-tweets during each episode with author Lissa Bryan. Follow them on twitter @sandyquill and @LissaBryan and then—

And this is the best part—

Check out their blogs on Friday, because these ladies do more than just tweet. They discuss and analyze not only in terms of the VIKINGS story itself but also in terms of historical significance and accuracy for each episode.

http://sandyquill.com and http://lissabryan.com

For discussions of the past two seasons as well as the current one, click here on Sandi’s website for a list of all the discussions to date: http://sandyquill.com/?s=Vikings

Hope to see you there!

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  1. This is one show I really wanna watch, I hear such great things about it!
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