{Review} Under a Cloud of Rain by A. R. Baumann

{Review} Under a Cloud of Rain by A. R. BaumannUnder a Cloud of Rain by A.R. Baumann
Series: Nick Noelle Mystery
Published by Inkshares on January 5, 2016
Genres: Historical Romance, Mystery, Thriller
Character(s): Detectives
Pages: 368
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Nick Noelle, a salt-of-the-earth, Creole-born detective, has always been his own man, playing by his own rules. When police discover that the mutilated victim found in the swampy bayou is the body of Julia Brunswick, daughter of the richest oilman in Texas, Noelle and his god-fearing partner Juan Lopez are put on the case. The story twists and turns, entrapping readers in the drama of Houston socialites and miscreants alike. With the turn of the page, the death count grows as one maniacal murder follows another.

Katie: The main character, Nick Noelle, is a detective that plays by his own rules. When the daughter of the richest oilman in Texas is found brutally slain Nick is determined to catch the killer before another beautiful girl is senselessly murdered.

Noelle’s boss puts the people of high society off limits for interrogation as he fears ruffling the wrong feathers. But Noelle steps out of line to get the answers that evade him as more and more bodies turn up in the bayou.

I always enjoy trying to figure out “who done it” while I’m reading murder mysteries. About halfway into the book I had my suspect in mind though I wasn’t certain until much closer to the end. I wasn’t exactly right about it either.

The book starts off with murder and then all the players come into the picture. I really liked Noelle and his partner Lopez. I liked that they were complete opposites but worked together as a great team balancing each other out.

Under a Cloud of Rain keeps a steady pace with some twists. I read this book over a course of five days, so I wasn’t completely enthralled by it, but it was a good read nonetheless. Was I surprised when the murderer was revealed? Admittedly, yes.

Recommended to anyone looking for a murder mystery set in the steamy Texas bayou of 1970.

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