{Review} Touch by Marina Anderson

{Review} Touch by Marina AndersonTouch by Marina Anderson
Also by this author: Desire, Bound, Crave, Seduce, Caress, Submit
Series: The Dining Club #5
Also in this series: Desire, Bound, Crave, Seduce, Caress, Submit
Published by Hachette Book Group on September 17, 2013
Genres: Erotica
Pages: 35
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Welcome back to the Dining Club. Pass the challenges we set, and a world of pleasure awaits...

In the depths of The Dining Club, its passionate members surrounding her, Grace faces her third trial. But she is confused by her lover's behavior. David is cold, controlling and almost seems to make the task as challenging as possible.

Amber, Grace's rival, sees things very differently. Desperate to keep Grace away from her hard-won throne at the head of the Club, Amber plots to get Grace out. But quiet, beautiful Andrew has his own agenda - he wants Grace to himself and he will do anything to seduce Grace away from the man that has so bewitched her, even reveal some of David's darkest secrets...

Kassiah: Touch, the fifth installment of The Dining Club Series, begins right where we left off and ends on the biggest cliffy so far, and has Grace thinking that she wouldn’t be opposed to Andrew joining in whatever is planned for later in the evening. Which. Whatever.

That’s pretty much the way I felt about this novella’s challenge. And the series as a whole. I still don’t understand David’s motivations–does he want Grace to succeed or not? He doesn’t even know. He says things like this:

“Remember failure tonight means you can never return for the final test, and we’ll never see each other again. Don’t let me down, my darling.”

But then he does his best to be sure she doesn’t succeed, and thinks things like this:

…this time a part of him wondered if it would be better if he released Grace soon, by ensuring that she failed the fourth trial, rather than ruin both their lives. And that was what would happen, he knew it would, because in truth no matter how perfect she was, or how much he loved her at the start, eventually he would tire of her.

We also get a glimpse of a cockamamie plan set forth by two key players in the story, and more of Grace’s friend, Fran’s, whining and asking about the size of David’s dick. I did like Grace slightly more in this one. Her jealousy made total sense to me, and I’m glad she recognized it.

There were still the things I didn’t like, like the cringe-worthy words (“urethra” and “love juices” come to mind) and the douche-baggery in general. I also forgot to mention this in a previous review, but there is a “special lubricant” that’s imported from the far East that makes me giggle every time it’s mentioned. It’s powerful stuff. Maybe I need some of that.

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Overall: 1

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