{Review} The Ramblings of a Revenant (An Oral History of the Vampires) by David Tromblay (with Giveaway)

{Review} The Ramblings of a Revenant (An Oral History of the Vampires) by David Tromblay (with Giveaway)The Ramblings of a Revenant: (An Oral History of the Vampires) by David Tromblay
Published by Self-Published on June 1, 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal
Character(s): Vampires
Pages: 248
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The young Flavian, born a Metis, reborn a vampire during the last days of the Glided Age (a time when the city of Duluth, Minnesota, was a sea of strangers and stranger accents, a mix of millionaires and migrant workers and women of ill repute). After taking ill, Flavian falls under the tutelage of a man he knows only as Ambrose, who tutors him in subjects relating to the classical studies during the dark hours of the night in the city's makeshift library. Later, while succumbing to an untreatable malady, he is educated on another means to an end of his inescapable expiry - one mythologized and romanticized and made an altogether laughable notion by the fictions of the day. Although, they are mere fairy tales and shadows of an even more terrifying truth - a tale of alienation, transformation, and eternal survival.

Katie: As far back as I can remember I have had a fascination with vampire stories. Seeing as I’m only human mortality is something I ponder quite a bit; which is probably why vampire tales can be so fascinating.

This book starts off with a man beginning to recount his life story. The book is rich in historic detail and it is so easy to picture the scene painted on the page. But unfortunately this was a very slow narrative and it was hard for me to read very much at once without nodding off.

There were parts of the story where the action was indeed captivating but those instances were few and far between. And though it was well written, when the speaker would change, the voices were interchangeable because nothing much set them apart from one another.

If you want a look back at historic Minnesota, then you will enjoy this book. If you’re looking for a fast paced vampire tale, this is probably not going to be it.

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