{Review} Some Like it Sizzling by Robbie Terman

{Review} Some Like it Sizzling by Robbie TermanSome Like It Sizzling by Robbie Terman
Also by this author: Some Like It Sinful
Series: A Perfect Recipe #3
Also in this series: Some Like It Sinful
Published by Entangled: Select on January 12, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Second Chance Romance, Small Town Romance
Character(s): Firefighters
Pages: 265
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Former model and restaurateur Jenna Rawley has a plan. Marry the man who looks best on paper, and live the secure life she craved as a child. But when her fiancé runs off, with her money, Jenna’s left with nothing but the past she’s spent years outrunning. With no other options, she’s forced to move back home, find a second job, and come face-to-face with a man who has every reason to distrust her.

Firefighter Luke Kearney never forgave Jenna for leaving town after he proposed in high school. So, he’s not especially happy when he’s forced to plan their fifteen-year-reunion with her. Jenna is the last person he can trust. But the more they work together, the more Luke realizes that the girl who broke his heart might have become the woman he could love forever.

Erin: A second chance love story featuring a firefighter and a girl down on her luck is the premise of the third book in Robbie Terman’s Perfect Recipe series. Some Like it Sizzling is the highly anticipated story of Luke Kearney and Jenna Rawley. A story about reunited high school sweethearts always pulls at my heartstrings, and this one was no different.

I’m a huge fan of books with multiple POV’s and in this one, not only do we get both Luke and Jenna, but Luke’s ex-wife, Olivia also has her say. I found that quite refreshing, and before you go thinking she’s the evil shebitch so often portrayed, hold that thought. In fact, truth be told, I found her far more likable and enjoyable than Luke and Jenna. Jenna was difficult for me. I found her whiny and snobby, and she pouted way more than a woman her age should ever do. Luke was fine, but the chemistry between the two fell a bit flat for me.

All in all, this book was okay, but not great. Check it out though, if only for Olivia and Riley.

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    1. This looks like the kind of book my mom would devour. lol. Love it how there’s a secret underground cult of women who read this stuff :p I’m not criticizing – I think it’s great. I also think it’s funny to imagine grandmother’s around the world getting hot over this pap lol

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