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You know how much we ♥ Rock Star romances, so we jumped at the chance to join the tour for Pure Torture, the third book in the Oblivion on Tour series by Tania Sparks. We’ve got an awesome giveaway to share with you along with our thoughts on the book, and we were lucky enough to chat with Tania about her favorite scenes from Pure Torture and the rest of the Oblivion on Tour Series. Let’s get right to it:

***Top Three Favorite Scenes from Oblivion on Tour***

There are so many scenes that I really love. All the rock stars in my books are attention-grabbing, hot-as-hell rockers. They constantly chatter their stories in my head and I create the scenes by simply writing down what they show me.

I guess because I have three books in the Oblivion on Tour series so far, and I simply can’t choose between Ash, Nikki or Cody, I’ll choose a favorite scene from each book (in no particular order – I wouldn’t want to play favorites!)

FAVORITE SCENE 1: from PURE TORTURE (Oblivion on Tour #3)

The Pure Torture story goes like this… Cody’s the sexy drummer extraordinaire of the hard rock band Oblivion. Kitty’s the little sister of one of Cody’s band mates and she’s had a secret crush on him for years. When the band are back home for a few days, the chemistry between them is both unexpected and undeniably off-the-charts. She quickly realizes that the prospect of having what she’s always fantasized about is a very real possibility. He quickly realizes that although he feels this mind-blowing attraction towards her, she’s the little sister of one of his band mates – he would get his ass kicked from here to hell if he ever laid a finger on her! But can Kitty convince him? After all, no one else needs to know, a one-time hook-up might suit both of them…or could it ruin everything?

Why is the following scene one of my favorites?

There are so many amazing scenes in Pure Torture, it’s really hard to choose one without giving away the storyline, but the following scene is one of my favorite intimate scenes. (Warning: this is a bit raunchy!)

Favorite Scene 1

Hell, he’s insatiable! We’ve been exploring, teasing, touching and tasting for nearly two hours. My skin is so sensitized and Cody was right, he’s made me scream so loud and so many times that I’m sure the whole hotel has heard every single mind-blowing orgasm that he’s pleasured me with. And even more incredibly, he’s done this all with just his mouth and hands – this man is talented! No wonder he turned the music up, otherwise my shrill shrieks would have been clearly heard all the way down to the hotel lobby.

He shows massive restraint, he hasn’t come yet and I wonder how long he can hold out. Just as I start to think he might be able to resist for even longer, he positions me so I’m in the center of the mattress, kneeling in front of him on all fours, my hair is splayed and is falling over one of my shoulders. He’s behind me and I can feel him put a condom on and position himself where I’m aching to feel him. He holds his cock with his hand and nudges it firmly at my entrance. He rubs himself up and along my pussy, spreading my wetness and causing me to ache even more. He rumbles, “You’re so fucking beautiful, I can’t wait any longer baby, let me inside.”

I hold my breath as he grasps my hips and pulls me towards him. I feel myself stretch to accommodate him as he slowly eases inside me. It feels so damn good that I groan, “Oh God, that feels amazing.”

“Hell yeah,” Cody growls as he grinds his hips and buries himself even deeper. He now has both hands securely gripping my hips as he digs his fingertips firmly into my flesh. I can feel the heat of his legs against the back of my thighs and the way he’s rotating his hips to embed himself even deeper inside me is driving me crazy mad, it feels so good.

I’ve already come numerous times but I know I’m going to quickly come again with him inside me. We start to move rhythmically, the sensations are vibrating through me, my heartbeat is pounding and I can sense that it’s not going to be long before we both explode in unadulterated bliss. I’m practically trembling.

Suddenly he pulls out and scrambles off the bed as he yells, “Un-fucking-believable!”

I sit up onto my knees and turn to him worried that I’ve mucked up somehow. Cody’s frantically trying to pull his jeans on. I start to panic as I worriedly ask, “What’s the matter, did I do something wrong?”

Then I notice that Cody’s smiling brazenly from ear to ear as he leans over and affectionately strokes my shoulder, “No sweetheart, you’re absolutely perfect, but did you not just hear the front door to the suite open and the voices…your brother just came back!”

“Oh shit!” I shriek as I quickly jump up and frantically search for something to put on. We’re both laughing uncontrollably but trying to remain as quiet as possible as we try to frenziedly yank our clothes on.

The next thing I know Cody grabs me in his arms and kisses me passionately. Once his lips move away from mine he tells me, “We’ll finish this later okay darlin’?” He kisses me again and then holds me by my shoulders as he stares into my eyes, “You need to see if you can stick around, come on tour with us for week or two, because there’s no fuckin’ way I’m finished with you yet. I need more time.”

He lets go of me and continues to do up his jeans, “But right now I’d better go out there so Nikki doesn’t get suspicious. You follow in a few minutes and I’ll try to distract him so he doesn’t notice that we’ve both come out of the same bedroom.”

I’m speechless and my heart is pounding rapidly. I don’t know whether it’s just the fact that we’ve practically been caught in the act by Nikki or whether it’s because Cody has asked me to stick around. I must look panic-stricken because as Cody makes his way towards the door, he looks over his shoulder and reassures me, “Don’t worry Kit, Nikki won’t figure it out.” He smirks defiantly then as he disappears out of the room he adds, “The dumb-ass isn’t that clever.”


The Bolt From The Blue story goes like this… Nikki’s the flamboyant rhythm guitarist of the hard rock band Oblivion. He’s a sexy rock star man-whore who’s accustomed to a life of music, partying and a constant stream of girls that are ready, willing and able! Trixie’s a feisty party girl who likes to have fun. She makes the most of her single lifestyle and happy-go-lucky attitude. But she’s also a hard-nosed business woman who knows what she wants and goes out and gets it. She lives her life by the motto ‘Work hard. Play hard’. Neither of them ‘do relationships’. But when their frequent hook-ups start to develop into something more they realize that the connection and pull between them is undeniable. The prospect of wanting more than just mind-blowing sex from each other is a total shock to both of them and it hits them like a bolt from the blue. Can they change their partying ways and give in to the irresistible chemistry that sizzles between them? Do they even want to? And will their past catch up with them to prevent them from giving the whole relationship thing a proper try? …

Why is the following scene one of my favorites?

This is one of my favorite scenes because it shows the vulnerability of both Nikki and Trixie. It demonstrates the struggle that they have when they don’t want to admit that they are starting to create a connection that feels all too real.

Favorite Scene 2

I feel confident that the club will be well looked after while I’m away so I ask, “I presume it’s okay with everyone if I just hang around here with you guys for a couple of days.”

Everyone responds with a “No problem.” I look across to Nikki and say, “Don’t worry rock star, I won’t cramp your style. I know where we stand. I won’t get all jealous if you hook up with groupies or whatever.”

Nikki looks at me, frowns angrily and mumbles back, “Trix, I know we’re not…you know… together, but why the hell would I want to hook up with some random groupie when you’re here?”

“Oh I don’t know, I just don’t want you to feel that you’re obligated to me at all. I’m here visiting Eve and I’m just going to hang-out and have some fun. I don’t want you to think I’m here just to see you.”

As soon as I hear it coming out of my mouth I know it sounds really harsh.

Hansen chuckles, “Fuck that stings.”

As I look around the room the other guys all have raised eyebrows and cringes on their faces. I look at Nikki who just looks totally pissed.

Me and Nikki are moving way too quickly. I can feel myself getting too attached and that shit needs to stop now. This thing between us has supposed to be just a hook-up, nothing serious, just fun.

Nikki shakes his head, gets up and skulks off towards one of the bedrooms shutting the door behind him. Shit, what the hell! So now I’ve hurt his feelings?

Eve frowns at me and shakes her head with a scolding look on her face. The rest of the guys look a bit shocked and are glancing between each other awkwardly.

“What?” I screech. “This is ridiculous. Y’all are looking at me as if I’ve kicked a puppy or something.”

I hear Cody mumble, “Only if the puppy’s got black floppy hair, big brown eyes and its name is Nikki.”

I mutter under my breath, “Shit.”

There are a few minutes of awkward near-silence then everyone starts to chat casually again. After about half an hour Nikki comes back in and slinks down into a seat on the opposite side of the room. He completely avoids looking at me at all. Hell, this is precisely the reason why we should keep it casual, now it’s just awkward.

After a while Scott says his goodnights and heads off to his room. Hansen gets up and raises his chin to Cody. “Come on Sticks, let’s go out and find a club or something. I have a hankering for some loud music, whisky and loose women.”

Cody gets up and claps his hands enthusiastically, “Sounds like a fucking brilliant idea. This shit’s getting a bit too heavy and domesticated for my taste.”

Cody and Hansen head towards the door. Nikki jumps up and briefly glances at me, but avoids eye contact. He turns back to Cody and Hansen. “Hold on up guys, I’m comin’ too. I could do with a bit of fun.” All three of them head out the door.

Alrighty then! I guess I’ve been well and truly put in my place. Eve looks at me with a ‘you-brought-this-on-yourself’ sneer as she shrugs her shoulders. Ash looks at me with pity.

FAVORITE SCENE 3: HEAVEN SENT (Oblivion on Tour #1)

The Heaven Sent story goes like this…Ash and Eve were high school sweethearts who were very much in love. But fate intervened and they were torn apart when Ash got an opportunity of a lifetime to become part of an up-and-coming hard rock band called Oblivion. He went away on tour and the band ultimately became very successful. Eve stayed back at college to make the most of her scholarship and complete her business studies degree. They tried to make their relationship work long-distance, but were unsuccessful, leaving them both devastated and heart broken. Neither of them ever got over each other. Seven years later they have a surprise chance meeting, neither of them can deny the strong pull they still have towards each other and they can’t resist the sizzling chemistry that continues to exist between them…

Why is the following scene one of my favorites?

This scene is the very first scene that I wrote – ever! I had never written fiction before, but I was a fervent reader of romance and I just had this scene in my head, so thought I would give it a go. I loved writing so much that I just carried on writing – now there’s no stopping me!

This scene is where Ash and Eve see each other again for the first time after being apart for seven years.

Favorite Scene 3

It’s a little after 2am and there’s a knock at my office door. Jim, our Manager of Hotel Security pokes his head inside. He has a cheeky smirk on his face as he tells me that we’ve had people complaining about the racket our penthouse guests are making. He knows that telling-off noisy guests is not a favourite part of my job, but Oblivion, the rock group that’s occupying our entire penthouse floor has a reputation for causing trouble, so we need to get up there and sort it out pronto before the problem escalates.

I quickly touch up my lip gloss, tidy my hair, straighten my suit and then follow Jim across the hotel lobby to the elevators. I feel a shiver of dread course through me, my heart starts to beat ridiculously fast and I can feel the blood rushing to my head. I shouldn’t be so nervous, I’ve had plenty of experience telling guests to keep the noise down. But the reason why my nerves are on high alert has nothing to do with telling-off guests and everything to do with the fact that I thought I would never come face-to-face with ‘him’ ever again. As the elevator slowly moves up to the 23rd floor, I go through the same old memory that I’ve replayed in my mind maybe a million times over the past seven years. The one where Ash Miller, my old high school sweetheart and the sexy lead guitarist of the heavy rock group Oblivion, broke my heart. My tummy’s in knots so I take a few deep breathes to try to calm myself down. He will never remember or recognize me anyway, so I’m pretty sure I’m panicking over nothing.

As the elevator gets close to the penthouse floor, I can already hear the music and partying. The doors open and there’s heavy music blaring, empty bottles everywhere and crowds of people hanging around in the smoky haze of the hallway or in the open rooms. The majority of the crowd are very scantily clad women or black-clothed men that look like they’ve come straight out of a heavy metal music video! We ask where the person in charge is and are directed to the main penthouse suite. Jim and I push our way through the throng of people to make our way down the hallway.
We walk inside and as we pass one of the bedrooms I glance inside. I gasp, there’s a couple of close-to-naked girls making out enthusiastically on the king size bed, three guys are watching them intently while casually sipping their beers. The girls are putting on quite a show – they obviously have no shame! I’m no prude, but I’m so far out of my comfort zone it’s not funny.

We head towards the lounge area which comprises of a couple of leather couches and a few comfy chairs that are pulled around a low coffee table. A few guitars are propped up around the place and there are lots of bottles and glasses scattered everywhere. Five guys are lounging around relaxing and enjoying their drinks. I recognize them all as being members of Oblivion. Some of them have girls perched on their knees who are nibbling on their necks and stroking their thighs suggestively.
Jim clears his throat and in his deep voice booms, “Who’s in charge around here?” All five heads snap up and their eyes are suddenly entirely focussed on us. “He is!” they all say in unison as they each point to one another. They start snickering, thinking that they’re being funny.

Jim and I take a few steps closer. “I’m Jim Matterson, Hotel Security, and this is Eve Hanson, she’s the Night Manager. We’ve had a few complaints from other guests about the noi…”

Before Jim finishes his sentence, one of the five abruptly stands, scuttling the scantily clad floosy that had been on his lap onto her ass on the floor. This makes the other four laugh riotously as the girl snarls and skulks off towards the kitchen. The offender isn’t laughing though, he’s blatantly glaring straight at me. Those familiar sapphire blue eyes feel like they’re burning directly into my soul. The air crackles with electricity between us. I suddenly feel very hot and flustered! My traitorous body betrays me as it instantly remembers and reacts to the sexy rock god who’s attention is now solely fixated on me. I can feel my nipples hardening and I hope like hell my suit jacket is concealing my reaction. I squeeze my thighs together to try and alleviate the throbbing in my panties. It’s been seven years but the attraction is still instant and immense. His eyes are burning with desire, or is it shock? Time stands still as we blatantly assess each other. Gradually the laughter from the other band members dissipates. Then Ash takes a determined step towards me and declares, “That’s not Eve, that’s my fucking Angel!” My stomach plummets. He does recognize me.

***About Tania Sparks***

Author Tania SparksTania Sparks is a romantic at heart who genuinely believes in true love and soul mates. She met her husband while still at school, she was sixteen, he was seventeen. They are high school sweethearts who more than twenty five years later are still very much in love and are happily married with two beautiful daughters.

Tania does have a full time job, but in her spare minutes enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and reading. She’s an avid reader who tends to chomp through a large volume of books, mainly in the romance genre. Her other major ‘hobby’ is writing steamy rock star erotic romances!

In 2014, after finding herself constantly being inspired by numerous romance novels, she decided to try her hand at writing. After penning her first scene she discovered that she enjoyed it immensely and so resolved to continue with the rest of the story that was swirling in her imagination. That story resulted in her first novel, Heaven Sent which is the first book in her Oblivion on Tour Series. This was soon followed by Bolt From The Blue and Pure Torture. Each book in the series is a stand-alone story which follows a different band member from a hard rock group called Oblivion – and of course the feisty ladies that steal their hearts! The other books in the series are at various stages of completion.

Now-a-days Tania finds it very difficult to control her imagination and swears that her rock stars are constantly chanting their stories in her head. She can’t wait to share them with you.

Find Tania Here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

***About Pure Torture***

{Tour} Tania Sparks’ Favorite Scenes from Pure Torture (with Review and Giveaway)Pure Torture by Tania Sparks
Series: Oblivion on Tour #3
Published by Self-Published on July 29, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Falling for Best Friend's Sibling, One Night to More, Player Falls in Love
Character(s): Celebrities, Rockstars/Musicians
Pages: 214
Goodreads  Buy the Book

Cody’s the sexy drummer extraordinaire of the hard rock band Oblivion.

Kitty’s the little sister of one of Cody’s band mates and she’s had a secret crush on him for years.

When the band are back home for a few days, the chemistry between them is both unexpected and undeniably off-the-charts.

She quickly realizes that the prospect of having what she’s always fantasized about is a very real possibility.

He quickly realizes that although he feels this mind-blowing attraction towards her, she’s the little sister of one of his band mates - he would get his ass kicked from here to hell if he ever laid a finger on her!

But can Kitty convince him? After all, no one else needs to know, a one-time hook-up might suit both of them…or could it ruin everything?

Warning: This story contains hot rock stars, sizzling sexual encounters and language that you would expect from heavy rock musicians used to a life of sex, booze and rock and roll. Pure Torture contains graphic sex scenes and is strictly 18+ only.

This novel is Book 3 in the 'Oblivion On Tour' series. Each book in the series follows a different band member and tells the story of the women that steal their hearts. Pure Torture can be read as a stand-alone but you might also want to check out Heaven Sent (Book 1) and Bolt From The Blue (Book 2).


We’re all sitting around, drinking our beers. I’m slouched down on one of the armchairs that I’ve claimed as my own. I’m still twirling my drumsticks and tapping away on my legs and the surrounding furniture. I’m a couple or three beers in when I hear the door to the suite open. I glance across to see Nikki, our rhythm guitarist and his girl Trixie strolling in jovially, Nikki’s arm is draped over her shoulder and she’s securely tucked into his side.

I lift my head and somberly greet them, “Hey.”

Nikki bobs his head in acknowledgement and Trixie waves her hand to say hi. I expect them to close the door but instead the most stunning girl on the fucking planet glides in behind them. She has smooth jet black hair that flows down her back and it’s so long it reaches her ass. She’s tall, probably almost as tall as me and her body rocks. She’s slim, but has nicely rounded hips and amazing tits. Her emerald green eyes are sparkling boldly as she scans the room confidently. I immediately jump up from my chair, drop my drumsticks to the floor and feel an undeniable rousing in my pants. Hell, maybe my day won’t be so bad after all. I feel better already!

The other guys all stand up too. Fuck off cock-suckers, she’s mine.

Keep Reading the Excerpt for Pure Torture

Keep Reading the Excerpt for Pure Torture

I take a step forward as the raven haired beauty suddenly shrieks in an oddly familiar voice, “Oh my god, hi guys, I’ve missed y’all so much!”

Fuck, fuck, fuck! My muddled brain suddenly clicks and makes the connection as I realize that the hottie that has my body vibrating like a god-damned amplifier is Kitty, Nikki’s little sister. Holy Crap! Somebody turns the music down and everyone starts walking towards Kitty. My heart is beating so damned loud that I’m sure the whole room can hear it.

What the hell happened to Nikki’s little sister? I remember her as being a sweet little girl that we used to tease and let hang around the band. She’d bring us beers and dote over all of us, but especially me. Sure, she’s always been pretty and downright cute, but I’ve never thought of her as the unmistakable sex kitten she is now. She’s definitely grown up and she’s a complete and utter babe. She’s the perfect embodiment of everything I find totally irresistible in a chick. I want!

Shit, maybe I’ve had more to drink than I thought, but I definitely shouldn’t be thinking this way about Nikki’s little sister and I don’t know how to handle these sudden irrefutable cravings. My hand twitches and strums anxiously on my leg as the adrenaline courses through me and makes me want to jump around like a fuckin’ crazy person.

***Our Thoughts***

Kassiah: I haven’t read the other books in this series, but that didn’t make me feel lost at all. I love rockstar romances and when I saw this was also a falling for the best friend’s little sister trope, I knew I had to check it out.

Cody’s band is on break, so they head back home, where he sees Kitty, his guitarist’s little sister. They all grew up together, but Cody has always seen Kitty as his little sister. Of course, Kitty has always had feelings for Cody, but he’s never noticed. He definitely takes notice now. Their attraction is undeniable, so they give into the passion, thinking it’s only for one night. One night isn’t going to be enough for either of them, so Kitty goes out on tour with Cody. Will they be able to last when they get tragic news that pulls on Kitty to go back home?

I liked Kitty, though her name drove me absolutely bonkers. I just keep thinking about Clipped Wings, and though that might have been what Sparks was going for here, it didn’t work for me because this does not compare to that fic at all. Anyway, she stood up for herself, and I admired her for that. I loved how she felt about Cody, and loved their interactions. They had smoking hot chemistry, and I don’t know how everyone didn’t know all along.

As far as Cody goes…I don’t even know what to say. Yes, he was hot. Yes, he had sweet, swoony moments. Yes, he loved Kitty. But damn! He does something that’s so dumb, I wanted Kitty to run away from him and never look back. There’s a lot of drama in this one, and the story is fast-paced for sure.

With hot scenes and a couple with a history, Pure Torture is a predictable rockstar romance, sure, but it’s a fun way to spend a day.

Report Card
Overall: 3


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