{Review} Passionate Persuasion by Rosemary Clement-Moore

{Review} Passionate Persuasion by Rosemary Clement-MoorePassionate Persuasion by Rosemary Clement-Moore
Series: Date By Mistake #3
Published by Entangled: Indulgence on March 10, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Retellings, Second Chance Romance
Character(s): Businessmen/Lawyers/Entrepreneurs
Pages: 80
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A hot playboy who has left a string of hearts in his wake can't forget the cellist who haunted his fantasies. Now it is his turn to use his power of persuasion to prove he's the only man to keep her satisfied.

Erin: Passionate Persuasion by Rosemary Clement-Moore is a very short, cute read. A playboy and cellist, Alex and Kiara meet again after eight years. He’s desperate to try anything to get her to agree to go on one date with him.

In a book this short, there really wasn’t much time to get to know either character or be invested in their HEA. What I did lean about Kiara made me like her, a lot. And Alex, well who doesn’t enjoy a sweet, flirty, sexy guy willing to go all out for the one that got away? All in all this was a pretty good book and a nice way to spend an hour.


Erin is a book addict! She loves books of all kinds, but her favorites are Contemporary Romance or YA (and she reads both boy/boy AND boy/girl, sometimes even girl/girl!) She's been reading since she could hold a book in her hands and doesn't see that changing any time soon. Give her a Coke, kick ass tunes from her favorite playlists, and a book, and she's in reading heaven.

She's a Texan, though she drinks her tea plain and NOT sweet. She loves cheesecake, strawberry limeade's from Sonic and her favorite color is purple. In her books, she loves an HEA, but she never minds if the road is rough to get there, as long as the reward is worth the struggle.

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