{Review} Own Me by Lexi Scott

{Review} Own Me by Lexi ScottOwn Me by Lexi Scott
Also by this author: Risk Me
Series: Silver Strands #3
Also in this series: Risk Me
Published by Entangled: Edge on August 18, 2015
Genres: College Romance, Fake Relationship to More, Friends to More, New Adult
Character(s): Foreign Mouths We Want to Kiss, Nerdy/Geeky, Students
Pages: 283
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Limits were made to be broken...

Genevieve Rodriguez's life isn't panning out the way she's always envisioned. At all. Not only is she exactly one "D" away from getting kicked out of school, but her heart is in pieces after her long-time crush marries someone else. For Genevieve, sunny Silver Strand has never felt more dismal.

Then Adam Abramowitz, her super-cute, super-smart physics tutor-who never seems to notice even her sexiest tops-tells her his visa is about to expire and he's going to have to return to Israel.

Suddenly the words pop out of Genevieve's mouth before she can stop them. "Marry me."

At first, it's a joke...until it's not. Because in that brief, unexpected moment, everything changes. The rules. The boundaries. And Adam and Genevieve are about to discover what happens when you push the limits.

Kassiah: *flails* I loved this!

PHD Student Adam has been tutoring Genevieve (Cohen’s little sister from Risk Me) for a long time, and they’ve become friends. His research isn’t going as well as he wanted, and he didn’t fill out the proper forms to get an extension on his student visa. Genevieve is still nursing a broken heart after her childhood crush married the love of his life, but she’s ready for her family to get off her back about it. When she finds out about Adam’s situation, she comes up with the perfect plan. They’ll get married–he can stay in the United States and finish his research and her family will finally leave her alone. They don’t expect to fall in love in the process.

Adam and Genevieve were so awesome together. He was totally hot and a stand-up guy all the way. He didn’t want her to settle for him when she should have everything. He was gorgeous (Israeli with sea glass green eyes *swoon*) And Gen was fun.

I don’t wear shoes unless they make me six inches taller and three times sexier, preferably while glittering.

I didn’t buy that they were best friends before this. I mean, yes, they had a steady friendship, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that they were best friends. And that made me question her motives. I did love the way the whole thing came about and thought this book was so sexy. Fast paced and unpredictable, Own Me by Lexi Scott is fun and romantic.

Report Card
Overall: 3.5

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