{Review} Hard Ride #1 by Opal Carew

{Review} Hard Ride #1 by Opal CarewHard Ride #1 by Opal Carew
Also by this author: His to Possess, No Strings, Savage Kiss, Rock Hard, Wild Ones, Breaking Storm, Perfect Rhythm, Hard Ride #2, Hard Ride #3, Meat, A Fare to Remember
Series: Ready to Ride #1
Also in this series: Hard Ride #2, Hard Ride #3
Published by St. Martin's Griffin on April 7, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 72
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Liv never expected to find herself trapped in an alley facing a band of rough bikers. And she certainly never expected to see him again...

When Shock encounters an old flame in a dark alley, it sends him spiraling. She's still as beautiful as ever, but she seems to have fallen on hard times since college, and he's concerned about the risks she seems to take. In order to keep her safe and finally have her for himself, he makes a sensual deal: his help for her complete submission. But will Liv be able to let go of the past and fall for the hard rider?

Kassiah: Warning: This review is spoilery, but that’s the way I roll.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t read very many motorcycle club-esque stories. So, some of the things that I didn’t like about this book might just be attributed to my naiveté. Actually, one of the things. But that’s a big thing.

Liv is waiting in a bar in a questionable part of town when some even more questionable guys try to talk to her.

“A pretty little lady like you shouldn’t be all alone. Me and my men would be happy to offer our company.”

She runs into her old friend from college, Devin Ancanster, who is now known as Shock. They remember each other very well–they both wanted each other but something stopped them from allowing their relationship to be more than friends and study partners. They might have said what that was, but I can’t remember. Regardless, there’s this underlying sexual tension on both of their parts. She’s hot and beautiful, and he’s a big motorcycle-riding dude, so you know they both want to be all over each other. I guess.

When Shock (who I want to refer to as Devin because I just can’t get over the name and that’s what she called him in college) saves her from being assaulted, he offers to bring her home. She reluctantly lets him. She recalls that he came from big money, and he tells her that he has even more of it now. Convenient, since she’s in desperate need of money to pay for her sister to have life-saving surgery. After exhausting every avenue to get the money she needs, she goes to DevinShock, and asks to borrow $50,000.

At first, he’s pissed. But then he agrees. In return, he wants her to do something for him.

“You want me to…”–she stared into his steely brown eyes– “… to date you?”

“Sweetheart, it’s not a date I want from you.”

Liv sees no other option but to take him up on his offer, so she signs the contract he sends over with some negotiation. Honestly, that part was pretty ridiculous, but whatever. As part of their deal, he picks her up for their month together and takes her to house, where he’s more than ready to get their party started. She reveals some stuff to him that is pretty shocking (no pun intended), and as a result, DevinShock is surprisingly gentle with her. All along, Liv realizes that maybe she’s more into the idea than she thought.

“Fuck, you are so wet.”

He tried to draw his hand away again, but she grabbed his wrist and pulled it back.

“Then do something about it.”

We’re left with a cliffy, but of course we knew we would be. This is a novella, the first of three, so we expect the second to have an even bigger cliffhanger.

So, what did I like? DevinShock is pretty forward, and I liked that about him.

“Sweetheart for fifty grand, it’s going to be a hell of a lot longer than one night.” He raised an eyebrow. “and I expect you to be one exceptional fucking lay.”

The whole point of the contract is skeevy to me, but I like his personality (what we saw of it) and think he can be funny.

Didn’t Like: First of all, the names really threw me off. Like I said, I haven’t read other motorcycle club books, so this might all be normal, but really? In addition to Shock, there’s Hawg, Crow, Magic, Dom (which I guess is also a real name), and Wild Card. I mean…

I’m not even going to address how totally unbelievable this story is. I will admit that since I don’t have a sister, maybe I don’t really understand how much someone would be willing to sacrifice to save her. Also, I do not understand the medical industry, because I was under the impression if you need life-saving surgery, you have it. And the hospital bills you, and you pay for it for the rest of your life. Right? Even more than that, given Liv’s history, the idea that she would agree to this contract seems utterly insane and unrealistic. js Not to mention that she goes back to that area with the bar, where she was almost raped. As in goes back there again–the next night. O.O

Also, it just wasn’t hot to me. It could have been hot, but I don’t feel like I knew them well enough. So why am I reading the next installment? I just want to know what happens. I don’t even know why.

Report Card
Overall: 2

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