{Review} Flawless by Cat Grant

{Review} Flawless by Cat GrantFlawless by Cat Grant
Series: Irresistible Attraction #4
Published by Riptide Publishing on April 22, 2013
Genres: M/M Romance, Player Falls in Love
Character(s): Mechanics
Pages: 91
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Steve Campbell used to be a player, until a mid-life crisis opened his eyes to his long-repressed love for Connor, his soon-to-be-married best friend and business partner. Coming out at thirty-eight means learning how to date all over again, and this time, Steve’s not willing to settle for empty one-night stands. He wants the real thing.

Gil Alvarez has never had it easy, struggling through childhood and rejected by his family for a body that didn’t match who he was inside. A skilled driver and mechanic, he’s working hard to make his auto shop a success. The last thing he needs is a rich white guy in a candy-apple-red Ferrari tempting him, but Steve’s ready smile and easygoing manner prove irresistible.

One brief, intimate encounter leaves them both hungry for more. Gil’s not ashamed of who he is, but he’s terrified that Steve will reject him—or worse—when he discovers what Gil can’t find the courage to tell him.

Erin: While the premise of Flawless caught my attention (broke mechanic and a wealthy scientist – opposites attract ALWAYS catches my eye) the shortness of the book coupled with a bit of disjointed writing made the book less than a knock out for me.

Also, this is book four of a series, and there are people and events mentioned that make reading the other books necessary.

I liked Steve. I liked that Flawless includes a trans character (this isn’t a spoiler btw, it’s mentioned in the blurb) though Gil’s character could have definitely used more in depth development. Having one character be bisexual and the other trans is important for the diversity of the genre, but doing so in a novella where the issues need more attention isn’t the best format. The writing is really good, just the length of the book didn’t do the characters or the story any favors. There is quite a bit of overreacting from both characters numerous times, which got a bit tedious especially in such a short book, but you’ll find yourself rooting for these two guys to get it together. If you like lots of car talk and don’t mind an ending that is HFN (at best), give this one a chance. You might like it more than I did.

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    Overall: 2.5

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