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Hey everyone! If you’re coming over from Steamy Guys After Dark, you’ve probably noticed that things look quite a bit different around here! Not to worry, we’re still focused on all things bookish–including the steamiest guys in New Adult and Romance Books. We just needed a little change.

In the eight months since we launched SGAD, we’ve gotten some comments that our site was getting caught and flagged in filters because of the name. Since we quickly formed Steamy Guys as a complement to our Young Adult-focused sister site, Swoony Boys Podcast, we didn’t consider that some filters might label us as a p0rn site. Rest assured, we’re all about the Steamy Guys, but this isn’t that kind of site–it’s so much more.

Just like us.

The group of ladies that make up Pretty Sassy Cool are all friends and we started out with a common interest–a shared love of Twilight Fanfiction. That spilled over into books, and during our chats, we realized we have a lot more in common. We love music, TV, and movies, and we want to look pretty and be fit. We have families and pets, and we want to make informed decisions about what we fill our lives with. So, although we’ll probably always be focused on books, we’ll be expanding to talk about about other things that interest us.

In other words, we’ll be covering everything pretty, sassy, and cool.

If you haven’t already, please update our links on your social media. You’ll want to be sure to follow us now because we’re planning an epic giveaway very soon, and our current followers get extra chances to win.

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We’re just getting started and are so glad that you’re along for our ever-evolving journey on the intarwebz. Whether you’re just joining us or if you have been with us since the beginning (can you believe our site was on blogger and was predominantly black?!?), we can’t thank you enough.

You’re pretty.

The Pretty Sassy Cool Team

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