Making a List and Checking It Twice (aka When the Teacher Becomes the Student)

Creating a Treasure Trove of Blogging Topics on Pretty Sassy Cool

If this isn’t your first visit to Pretty Sassy Cool this week, you know we’re in full swing with Bloggiesta (we even hosted a mini-challenge on how Trello can help change your life with all the organization you’ll ever need). Today, I finally sat down for a minute to check out Belle from Ms. Bookish’s Mini Challenge on Creating a Treasure Trove of Blogging Ideas. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do, and I’m surprised by how much fun it ended up being.

I followed the suggestions in the How to Create a Treasure Trove of Blogging Ideas Post:

Brainstorming for Topic Ideas
I made a list of everything I could think of, including why boys drinking orange juice is hot. I made a new note in Evernote (which I love) and just …went with it.

I didn’t sort through the list, but I did look over it and realize that I could add and expand on a few more ideas.

Using Other Headlines and Post Titles
Then I logged into feedly (and wished I hadn’t because I forgot that I still follow some authors I hate now), but then I found a couple of more ideas so it was all good.

Since I didn’t get too many ideas, I looked on a couple of entertainment sites, like and and came up with a few more ideas:

  • Characters we’d want to be our bridesmaids
  • Hot Teachers
  • Recast people in other books -like, if Four was in place of Max in LOLA, we would be like, “Cricket who? Make this shit work with Max, fool!”

Use a Blog Topics Generator
Then I tried out the blog topic generator at Hubspot and laughed forever. I put in hot guys, ferris wheels, and cotton candy, and got this:

Using Hubspot to Create Blogging Topics on Pretty Sassy Cool

Teacher Becomes Pupil
I had my list typed up in Evernote and was ready to make my post. So I headed back over to the challenge post so I could be sure to include what Belle asked for. I decided to check out the comments first so I could add more to my list and what did I see? This Post from Kendra at Apocalypse Booked, where she explained how she used Trello to set up her list! And I was stunned that I didn’t think of that! I mean, we issued the mini-challenge to use Trello! *smh* So I copied my list onto Trello and shared the board with Meg:
Using Trello to Organize Blog Topic Ideas

I’m not sure how many topics we have, but it’s a bunch. Now I just need to add them to my schedule (thanks Brittany) and get started!

Let me know if you made a list this week, too, or what topics you’d like to see us cover here or on Swoony Boys Podcast.

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  1. Yep! I gotta get my list into Trello, too!
    Joy Weese Moll (@joyweesemoll) recently posted…Sunday Salon #Bloggiesta EditionMy Profile

  2. The Trello idea is such a good one! The blog topics you got with the topics generator made me laugh, too. Especially “10 Signs You Should Invest in Hot Guys” 🙂 Thanks for participating in the challenge!
    Belle Wong recently posted…Treasure Trove of Ideas #Bloggiesta Winners!My Profile

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