{Interview} with Mónica B. Wagner, author of FROSH: Second Chances

Frosh Second Chances Blog Tour

You might remember how much we loved FROSH: First Blush. We were so excited to jump on the blog tour for the second book in the series, FROSH: Second Chances. We got to sit down and chat with author Mónica B. Wagner:


Thanks for stopping by Pretty Sassy Cool today, Mónica. Tell us a little about FROSH: Second Chances! Did you have a favorite scene to write?

FROSH: Second Chances deals with what happens after the drug scandal in Frosh: First Blush. Ellie’s desperately trying to make it up for Grant, and Grant is having trouble adjusting to his new reality, in which he’s lost his scholarship. Charlie and Devon won’t have it easy either—they either take the next step in their relationship or see how their different worlds begin to drift them apart.

Oh, I do have a favorite scene—it’s in an “Ellie” chapter, which comes after she decides she’ll do something about the people who’ve been bullying her because of the scandal. I won’t say anything else, ’cause it’s spoilery!

We’re pretty sure we know which scene you’re talking about, and it’s one of our favorites, too. We Frosh: First Blush! If you only had thirty seconds with a stranger in an elevator, how would you pitch this book?

I’d say it’s Bridget Jones meets Gossip Girl in college.

Agree. How would you introduce Ellie, Grant, Devon, and Charlie to someone at a party?

Ellie: she’s the best freshman reporter at the Hillson Daily Nexus.

Grant: he’s the newest pre-med dude in my class.

Devon: she’s a Connors. She doesn’t need introduction. 😉

Charlie: he’s the smartest tutor I’ve ever had.

One of the questions we love to ask authors we interview is if you could introduce one of your characters from this book to a character from any other book (yours or someone else’s), who would it be and why?

I’m sure Ellie would love to interview Mark Watney from THE MARTIAN. (How cool would that be?)

And for some reason I’m picturing Devon Connors meeting Katniss Everdeen. But I don’t think that would go so smoothly. I’m guessing Devon would tell Katniss she’s crazy to risk her life for another human being—she should be more selfish! And Katniss might think Devon comes from the Capitol, and would probably shoot her an arrow or something. Yeah, not cool.

Haha What is something your readers would be surprised to learn about you?

I got married in India when I was 20.

Do you have any interesting writing quirks or rituals? What does your writing space look like?

Yeah! I can’t write anything when someone’s around. I need silence. I can’t listen to music, because I stop writing and sing along. And my writing space? It looks like a bed with many, many pillows. 😉

Fun. Let’s switch gears for a second and talk about other people’s books. Is there a book or book series that you think is under-appreciated or hasn’t gotten enough credit for how good it is?

The first book that pops into my mind that I think should get more credit is CRACKED by Eliza Crewe—a YA paranormal book. Her main character is a demon, an anti-heroine, who is hilarious, and so selfish she’s really funny. I know that book got interest from big publishing houses, only to peter out because it was paranormal and the market for YA paranormal wasn’t huge. Lastly, it sold to a smaller imprint, and I think it should get more attention.

We’ll definitely have to check that out. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received from another author?

I had been super mental with one of the first books I’d written and things weren’t clicking into place. Then an amazing author told me: “Write with your stomach/heart and edit with your brain.” I thought his advice was just awesome, and it helped me a lot.

That’s great advice. Is there ever anything that you always wish someone would ask you in an interview, but they never do? (We want the answer too!)

Oh! What book am I reading? WORDS OF RADIANCE, by Brandon Sanderson. It’s reeeeeeally good, so far! =)

We can’t let you leave without asking you about swoon! We want to know which swoony boys you have on your list of favorites.

I love, LOVE Sean Kendrick from THE SCORPIO RACES. And Garrett Graham from THE DEAL. Oh, and Étienne from ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS, too.

Obviously we should be best friends because you just named two of our favorite guys ever. #GreatMinds Thanks for stopping by, Mónica. This was fun.

***About Mónica B. Wagner***

Author Mónica B. WagnerMónica was born in a Peruvian city by a snow-capped volcano. Growing up, books were her constant companion as she traveled with her family to places like India (where she became a vegetarian), Thailand (where she *almost* met Leonardo di Caprio), France (where she pretended to learn French), and countless other places that inspired her to write. Now, Mónica lives in Chile with her husband, three boys, eleven hens, and stray dog.

Find Mónica Here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

***About the Book***

{Interview} with Mónica B. Wagner, author of FROSH: Second ChancesFROSH: Second Chances by Mónica B. Wagner
Series: Frosh #2
Published by The Studio on September 27, 2016
Genres: College Romance, Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Opposites Attract, Second Chance Romance
Character(s): Football Players, Nerdy/Geeky
Pages: 244
Goodreads  Buy the Book

In FROSH: FIRST BLUSH, Ellie, Grant, Devon, and Charlie spent their welcome week falling head over heels for each other—before totally falling apart. Now, in FROSH: SECOND CHANCES, they’ll have to pick up the pieces.

After ruining Grant’s football career (and her own reputation), Ellie has been trying to lie low—which means not making more enemies. But some students still want her to pay for what she did, and now, Ellie’s determined to fight back—and fight for Grant.

Grant is adjusting to his new reality: no more football means no more free passes in class, and definitely no more distractions; especially from Ellie, whom he misses even after she destroyed his world. Can he find a way to move on without her—and without football?

Devon finally has it all: her brother's sober and her boyfriend is an adorkable genius. But when her parents threaten to tear her and Charlie apart because he doesn't 'fit' into their high society, she will go to dangerous lengths to prove that nothing—nothing—can defeat Devon Connors.

Charlie’s never questioned who he is: pre-med science geek, and now, Devon Connors’ boyfriend. But when he discovers a secret about his past, Charlie isn’t sure of anything—especially whether he can trust Devon with the truth.

Perfect for fans of Cora Carmack and Colleen Hoover, Monica B. Wagner’s sexy New Adult series follows these four characters all the way to winter break—when the only thing they’ll want more than first love is a second chance.

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