Entangled Lovestruck Authors Share Their Heroes Who Want to Win a Prize for You at the #EPSummerCarnival Duck Pond Booth

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Step right up to the Entangled Summer Carnival Duck Pond Booth! Have you ever played this game and realized just how hard it actually is to line that magnetic fishing line up with the magnet in the little rubber duck?! Really it is harder than it looks but we have some amazing heroes who are dying to win that lucky prize for you! As you know, we’ve been celebrating the fun Entangled Publishing #EPSummerCarnival, with lots of fun activities and stops, beginning last week on Swoony Boys Podcast with the Entangled TEEN Balloon Pop Booth! We’ve also got a fabulous giveaway for you at the bottom of the post!

If you’re looking for the perfect hero to win you an awesome carnival prize My hero, Paul, from Pretend It’s Love is your best bet. He’s a bartender, so he’s used to working with his hands. Whether it’s flipping bottles, working cocktail shakers or sliding a drink down the bar, he knows exactly how to handle himself. Plus, carrying slabs of beer and crates of wine around mean he’s got the strength as well as the finesse. What more could you possibly want than a hero who’s an expert in working with his hands?
I asked Quinn, the biker from Accidentally in Love with the Biker, about the duck pond. He sighed, and rubbed his chin. “Okay,” he said. “Don’t tell any of the guys at the shop this, but when I was a kid, if there had been an award, I would have been the North Las Vegas Duck Pond Champion. There’s a certain tilt to the good ones, and if you stand there and watch the other kids play, you’ll figure out which ones have the lucky number on the bottom.  I can’t really explain it, there’s just a feeling.” He smirks. “Kind of like how I know what Kellie’s in the mood for. When she puts on that black stretchy top thing–Ow!” 

Kellie glared at Quinn. “I don’t think you need to share all of your secrets over the internet, babe.” 
Ladies, my hero, Ian, from The Seduction of Kinley Foster, is the man you want on your arm when you venture to the duck pond at the carnival. Why? Because he’s sexy as sin, and he’s an agent for erotica writers. As such, he’s all about turning something as innocent as a duck pond into something so steamy you’ll be losing your panties the first chance you get. Just last night he made a list of prizes for drawn numbers. If your duck has a one on it’s bottom, you get a scorching hot kiss. A two will get you spanked. A three, well, let’s just say a three has long slow strokes with his tongue in all of the right places.

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Good luck, pretties! Be sure to leave a comment, letting us know who your favorite alpha male is! And don’t forget to check out our #EPSummerCarnival posts, stop by the other Carnival Booths and check out the Facebook Event Page to chat with the authors each day!

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